For Professionals

For Professionals 2018-04-12T03:29:51-04:00

Here are some resources we recommend health professionals check out to help them understand asexuality and how to help their asexual clients better. Please be sure to check out our What is Asexuality? page. A sortable list of posts from our own blog geared towards educating people on the specific issues that ace-spectrum survivors of sexual violence face will appear below.



  • (A)sexual by Angela Tucker (2011) – available on Netflix

Printable Resources



  • What Is Asexuality?
  • Asexuality Archive
  • Asexual Outreach
  • The Asexual Agenda is a blog meant for advanced discussion, so this is not recommended as a 101 resource. However, many of our posts here are also posted to The Asexual Agenda, and they will tend to have more comments there. If you are interested in researching asexuality, it is a great resource for keeping in touch with current asexual community discourse, and understanding aces’ criticism of studies, media representation, and so on.


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