Welcome to our new team members! Plus, how to follow us on WordPress Reader

Welcome to our new team members! Plus, how to follow us on WordPress Reader

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Welcome to our new team members!

We have some new people who have just joined our team!

Our newest regular writer, Bethany, has just published her first post today. It’s about dealing with college after trauma, when your rapist goes to the same school. It’s very good, and I know a lot of other survivors are or have been in that situation. Please check it out!

Bethany also runs a tumblr for sharing creative expressions of survivorship without fear of judgement, which is also awesome.

We also now have four moderators. Our mod team consists of:

  • @Raven
  • @NormaCenva
  • @FitzyJK
  • @Rowan_omen

…plus me! But I am more of an admin/community manager, so I will likely not be down in the trenches as much. If you run into any problems on the site—a comment you find upsetting, something you need tagged with a warning or hidden behind a spoiler tag, or a comment you wrote that you want changed or removed (for any reason)—please email moderators@asexualsurvivors.org, and the first available mod will help you out. Our mod team covers both the forum and blog comments.

For technical help, email webmaster@asexualsurvivors.org, post in the technical support area of our forum, or PM @Prismatangle. (Please note that I’m the one you want to come to if you decide you’d like to change your username.)

How to Join Us

We are still accepting new members, contributors, and moderators. Ideally, I would like to add at least two more moderators for now, because some of our mods are seasonal, and have long periods of low availability. Plus, it’s just nice to have more people around to help us all manage triggers and avoid burnout.

To join our forum, please send us an invite request form.

To apply to be a moderator, please take the following steps:

  1. Join our forum (as above).
  2. Post in the moderator volunteer thread. If you’re uncomfortable sharing much information there, please post there anyway, and just let me know that you’ll email or PM the requested information instead. The point of requiring applicants to post in the thread is just to prove you can get around the forum well enough to post! (The more active & engaged you are on the forum, the better.)
  3. Optionally, email us at volunteer@asexualsurvivors.org. This email forwards just to me and Queenie, in case you’re planning to use a pseudonym and worried about privacy. Or, PM @Prismatangle with the information I requested in the moderator volunteer thread.
  4. Please note that we give all mods a new email address on our server, so you won’t have to worry about exposing your regular email address. Setting that up will be the first step after you’re accepted.

We’d also love to have people join our writing team. We write blog posts as well as collaboratively work on bigger projects. Many of our pages have been the result of lots of collaborative writing. If you’re worried about privacy, you can also consider joining us as a ghostwriter.

To apply to be a regular writing contributor, please send an application to submit@asexualsurvivors.org with the following:

  • Your name or a pseudonym
  • A short bio, up to 100 words, written in third person so that we will know what pronouns you prefer
  • A piece of writing that would be suitable to publish on Resources for Ace Survivors (~500-1500 words)
  • A couple ideas you have for future posts

More details on our contribute page.

I’d like to note that we’ve had some people write in wanting to just work on helping out with specific projects, which is also awesome!

How to Follow Us on your WordPress.com Reader

Did you know that you can follow us directly on WordPress.com? Here’s how:


Click to enlarge.

  • Step 1: Click the cog wheel to the right of the word “Following.”
  • Step 2: Enter http://asexualsurvivors.org/feed/ into the text box.
  • Step 3: Click ‘edit’ next to the newly added feed to change your subscription preferences.

From there, you can set it up so that you can follow posts and/or comments by email, if you’d like, and set your preferred email frequency.

As always, you can still keep track of us on our Tumblr. But since the Tumblr runs on a scheduled queue with new asks coming in daily, you won’t see our new posts on WordPress right away. Plus, this adds some convenient features like post and comment likes.

Our Posting Schedule

For now, our posting schedule looks like this:

  • Tuesdays: One new post per week. There may be some exceptions, but in general, we like to space things out to avoid too many triggers at once for our readers.
  • Thursdays: One old post will get reposted (with permission, of course) on our main site. We’re mostly drawing from our reading list, but if you have any previously published writing you’d like to submit, please feel free to send it in! We have a submission form, or you can email us at submit@asexualsurvivors.org directly. If Tumblr is more convenient for you, there’s a submit option there too.
  • Fridays: A new discussion/consideration question will be posted, both publicly and privately.
  • Every other Saturday: a linkspam post. Please send in any links relevant to ace survivors! You can submit them, post them as a comment, or post them in the Sharing section of our forum.

We may add some new features in the future. Stay tuned, and take care!

About the Author:

Elizabeth is a 30-something asexual woman who is often mistaken for a lesbian, due to the fact that she is partnered to a lady. She is actually bi (but not biromantic) and somewhere on the aromantic spectrum. She is formally trained in creative writing with a focus on non-fiction and poetry. She writes for The Asexual Agenda and maintains a personal blog called Prismatic Entanglements. In her spare time, she enjoys being cat furniture, coming up with new Pokemon strategies and never going to church.

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