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Our Mission

Resources for Ace Survivors aims to help asexual spectrum (ace) or questioning people who have experienced sexual violence by providing resources that are relevant to them, creating a supportive community for sharing experiences, and promoting greater understanding through education and awareness efforts. We also provide resources for those who support ace survivors, including partners, friends, family, therapists, and advocates.


Resources for Ace Survivors began in May 2013 as Queenie’s personal project to assemble resources for and information on ace survivors. Unfortunately, she quickly realized that the resources she needed were either scattered to the four winds or didn’t exist yet. She started a tumblr blog in February 2014 to keep track of the links she was collecting, and in March 2014, she began running The List. In January 2015, she joined with Elizabeth to expand Resources for Ace Survivors into a stand-alone site, and Stormy joined the team shortly afterward.


We are looking for more contributors, affiliates, and potential sponsor organizations. If you are interested in helping out, please contact us!


Resources for Ace Survivors runs numerous projects; here is a list of our projects. Find out how you can volunteer to make these projects happen!