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Team Members

Queenie (@queenieofaces)
founder, administrator, writer

Queenie is the founder and one of the organizers of RFAS. She is a queer asexual mixed race Latina, and a survivor of corrective rape. She started blogging about the intersection of asexuality and sexual violence in May of 2013, and founded RFAS on tumblr a little less than a year later. She also writes for Concept Awesome and The Asexual Agenda.


Elizabeth Leuw (@prismatangle)
web designer, administrator, writer

Elizabeth is a queer asexual American writer. She has been involved in asexual activism for over a decade, and occasionally dabbles with atheist groups. Elizabeth writes for The Asexual Agenda and Prismatic Entanglements. She plans to eventually publish a memoir about her experiences as an ace survivor. In the meantime she enjoys reading, crafting, and playing video games.


Stormy O’Brink (@Stormy)

Stormy O’Brink is a lesbian asexual writer, artist, gender outlaw, and activist from Iowa. Stormy has been involved in the lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer, questioning, pansexual, intersex, and asexual (LGBTQPIA) rights movement for nearly a decade. They have a bachelor’s degree in public relations and journalism from University of Northern Iowa. They hope to never lose their passion for the queer rights movement. Their writing can also be found in LGBTeen and The Matthew Shepard Foundation’s online resource center. Tweet them at @StormyOBrink.


Bethany (@Bethany)

Bethany is an ace survivor who lives in Minnesota and studies gerontology. She has published feminist nonfiction work in online literary magazines, and she also posts writing prompts for assault survivors at


Lin (@Lin)

Lin is a mixed-race non-binary aromantic asexual. They have worked previously as a crisis line advocate for their college, and plan to become certified and continue volunteering as an advocate in the future. They are fairly new to having an online presence but have been involved in the asexual community for roughly 3 years. As an online voice, they hope to help build community and create resources that will take a little weight off the shoulders of someone else who is also working through their recovery process. Most of their free brain power is spent thinking about food, but they occasionally have other interests as well. These include writing, playing with power tools, and making mediocre artwork. They aspire to be a dancer, a more compassionate friend, and a more articulate activist.


Coyote (@Coyote)
writer, organizer of Ace Shelter Project
Coy is a gray-asexual, butch-aligned Texan living with the after-effects of abuse.  Ey posts ir personal writings on asexuality, religion, and ethics at The Ace Theist.


Raven (@Raven)
moderator, writer

Visual artist, asexual, and survivor of childhood sexual abuse. Denizen of the Very Far North, so if you chat with her, be prepared for lots of bitching about the weather. Learning to kind of enjoy her newest incarnation as a slightly grouchy old woman.


Norma (@NormaCenva)

Norma is a 20 year old disabled asexual lesbian/queer survivor of childhood, adolescent, and adult sexual abuse. She is deaf/hard of hearing and is planning to get her ASL certification soon. She also works in a resturant mostly as a catering and take out specialist/coordinator, and has a passionate love for furry and scaly creatures.


FitzyJK (@FitzyJK)


Rowan (@rowan_omen)



The List

More than ten people have volunteered to talk to fellow survivors in times of crisis. These people are collectively known as members of The List. For both confidentiality and convenience (as the active roster might change), we do not list them individually. For more information about The List, please see our List FAQ.