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Recommended reading list

A list of notable posts about asexuality and sexual violence.  Will be updated as more posts are written.  (If you have recommendations for specific pieces you’d like to see included, feel free to contact us at or drop me an ask.)

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Also, blanket trigger warning for sexual violence on all of the linked posts.  Most (if not all of them) have more specific trigger warnings at the top.

How do trauma and asexuality intersect?

Treatment of ace survivors inside and outside ace communities

Asexuality, sexual violence, and aversion/repulsion/indifference

How can I support ace survivors?

Check out the #for supporters tag on resourcesforacesurvivors​.


Self-care and recovery

  • This post by lemonyandbeatrice on trauma-induced hypersexuality and asexuality explains how she accepts hypersexuality as a valid way of coping with trauma but also sets rules to limit herself during hypersexual periods.
  • virginity and an ace survivor by meeresbande is one way of thinking through asexuality, sexual violence, and virginity.
  • Survivor Words by epochryphal thinks through the possible terms to refer to people who have experienced abuse and trauma.
  • What is Resilience? by Elizabeth introduces the components of resilience and offers some thoughts on how to fortify oneself.
  • Art and Recovery by Raven is about processing trauma through art.
  • Why It’s Okay to Refuse Therapy by Stormy is about how avoiding therapy can be healing, especially given the difficulty in obtaining proper care if you belong to a marginalized group.
  • When Sexual Abuse Comes in the Form of Words by Raven is about how to cope with the fallout and triggers from verbal abuse.

Asexuality, sexual violence, and mental health

Check out this collection of posts on asexuality and mental health for more.

Written by ace survivors for ace survivors and personal narratives

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Check out the #by ace survivors for ace survivors tag on resourcesforacesurvivors.

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