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Resources for Ace Survivors is a grassroots peer-support network. We aren’t therapists, but we can provide valuable connection and understanding in a world where that is scarce. We are small, so the support we can offer is not immediate. But know that you are not alone. If you need someone to talk to, here are several options:

The List

RFAS maintains a diverse list of asexual spectrum and/or questioning people who have experienced sexual violence and are willing to speak to other asexual spectrum and/or questioning people who have experienced sexual violence. There are also people on The List who are willing to talk to people who are struggling with various non-sexual forms of abuse.

If you’d like to talk to someone, please email or send a request through tumblr. For more information, please read our List FAQ page.

The RFAS Forum

Alternatively, if you’d like to talk to other ace survivors but not one-on-one, we will soon have a private forum where you can ask for support or advice. Our Support sub-forum is strictly moderated to maintain safety and comfort, and we have policies in place to preserve confidentiality. To join our forums, please send a forum invite request, and our moderators will send you an invitation.

Please note: we are currently very short on moderators, so it will take more time before we’ll be able to launch our forum fully. If you’d like to volunteer, please email, and then register for the forums and post in the Moderator Volunteer Thread.

Other Options

If you need to talk to someone but don’t want to try The List or our forums, or if you need more immediate assistance, you have other options. However, please keep in mind that these options are far from guaranteed to provide adequately ace-competent advice. Sometimes we do find it, and as our community grows, we will surely raise the bar. But in the meantime, please take care.


Warm Lines:

Text-based Support Networks:

If it’s difficult for you to feel okay with reaching out to people in your life for support, here is a guide that may help:Reaching Out for Support When you Have a Mental Illness by Miri Mogilevsky