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We have set up several different email addresses to handle requests going to different teams, and preserve confidentiality of the most sensitive information. There may still be some kinks to work out in our system, so if you don’t hear back from us, please check that we received your email. Our backup/emergency email is asexualsurvivors [at] Emails sent there will be auto-forwarded to Queenie and Elizabeth. But please only use this address in emergencies, or after an email has failed to deliver.

Safety Concerns

If it might not be safe for you to use your regular email address, please create a new email account and use that instead. We don’t want to risk your safety! Please read safety tips here for ways to prevent unauthorized access to your email accounts by potentially abusive people.

We will not share your email address or the content of your emails with anyone outside our organization, unless you specify that you are submitting something to be published. In that case, we will share what you send in under whatever name you prefer. We still won’t share your email address. But please note that if you harass or threaten any of us, we will document your email and may file a report with local law enforcement. We are based in the U.S. and will be subject to U.S. laws.

If for safety reasons you would like a post you wrote to be removed from our site, please use our emergency email (listed above), and one of us will take it down as soon as possible.


If you are a survivor and you need someone to talk to, please email, or send a message through tumblr. We can connect you with someone on The List or provide you with resources that might help. Currently, Queenie is the sole person handling these emails. They are prioritized above all else. You should receive a timely response, but in case you don’t, please check in using our emergency email (listed near the top of the page).


We run several projects that we are seeking more volunteers to help run. We are also open to partnering with you to help get new projects related to ace survivors off the ground. If you are interested in either volunteering for an existing project or proposing an entirely new one, please email and we will put you on the appropriate volunteer team.

If you want to volunteer for The List but you aren’t comfortable sharing your email address with all the volunteer coordinators, feel free to message Queenie specifically at or send a request through tumblr. Alternatively, you can create a new email and pseudonym to use here.


More information on both submitting single posts and writing regularly is available on our contribute page, so be sure to check there first. Please send both single submissions and applications to blog regularly to If you are interested in blogging for us and also interested being involved with other projects, it’s okay to include your application with your email to the volunteer coordinators. If you just want to send us a single submission, you can also submit via tumblr.

Questions, Concerns & Information

If you have a question for us or would like to send us some informational resources that might be helpful to incorporate into our site, please email, or send in a question via our tumblr ask box. Anything that isn’t covered elsewhere would go here. You can point us in the direction of a potential affiliate organization, ask for advice, let us know something that you would like to see implemented, or just comment on how we’re doing.

If your question is about The List, please check our List FAQ first. It may be answered there.

Technical Help

If you encounter a problem with our website or while trying to reach any email address hosted on our server, please notify us by sending an email to—and if that is unavailable, please use our backup email (listed near the top of the page). It’s helpful if you can paste the exact message of the error you received, and give any context about what you were doing when the error occurred. You can also volunteer to occasionally help us out as a technical consultant to resolve problems we might run into.