Recommended Reading: November 28th, 2015

Recommended Reading: November 28th, 2015

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Every other Saturday we will post links relevant to survivors. Please feel free to discuss these links in the comments, or post more links! Trigger warnings appreciated, and self-promotion welcome.

Blanket trigger warning for all of these posts.

Ace Community & LGBTQ

Coyote wrote some tips for identifying & handling abuse as an ace advice blog mod.

Angela asked people not to challenge misconceptions by saying, “I’m asexual, but…”

swankivy wrote about how concerns about asexual awareness making non-aces mistakenly think they’re ace shows a lack of concern for aces.

November 26th was Ace Day.  See theasexualityblog’s #AceDay tag.

centralohioacesandaros made an ace community and aro community master post.

Jo made a masterlist of her writing on asexuality.

Trauma & Treatment

queerascat wrote about their experience with depression and anxiety. [tw: discussion of suicide, self-harm, risk-taking behaviors]

The American Medical Association called for a ban on advertising prescription drugs and medical devices directly to consumers.

Ally Fogg wrote about a (mostly good) BBC2 broadcast about child sexual abuse. [tw: discussion of non-gender inclusive approaches, bias toward male survivors of CSA]

Ania Cebulla wrote about getting an owner-trained anxiety service dog, and will be writing more about the process later. Those of you in Canada who are interested in this may want to check it out.

Miri wrote some assorted thoughts on self-care. This inspired yesterday’s Friday Question.

Olivia wrote about the portrayal of PTSD, addiction, and recovery in Jessica Jones.

Safety & Privacy

Nathan Matisse wrote some tips to avoid being doxxed.

Gizmodo posted a reminder that Facebook quizzes and the word cloud app steal private information.

Rape Culture & Abuse

The following links are important, but especially disturbing, so they are hidden behind a spoiler tag; please take care of yourself if you decide to click through.


Four women sued Michigan State University for mishandling their sexual assault reports.


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Elizabeth is a 30-something asexual woman who is often mistaken for a lesbian, due to the fact that she is partnered to a lady. She is actually bi (but not biromantic) and somewhere on the aromantic spectrum. She is formally trained in creative writing with a focus on non-fiction and poetry. She writes for The Asexual Agenda and maintains a personal blog called Prismatic Entanglements. In her spare time, she enjoys being cat furniture, coming up with new Pokemon strategies and never going to church.

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