Recommended Reading: November 3rd, 2015

Recommended Reading: November 3rd, 2015

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Every other Saturday we will post links relevant to survivors. (But since Saturday was Halloween, we’re posting today instead.) Please feel free to discuss these links in the comments, or post more links! Trigger warnings appreciated, and self-promotion welcome.

Blanket trigger warning for all of these posts.

Asexual Awareness Week (Oct. 19th-25th)

You can take the 2015 Ace Community Census now. It will be open until November 15th. There has been lots of discussion about it.

The video for the AAW Live Q&A panel was posted.

Queenie posted a linkspam of submissions to her linkspam challenge.

Please check out aawreblogs for more.

Other Ace Community Stuff

Olivia wrote about being gray. [tw: mentions of non-consensual sex]

Swankivy and several others (check out the reblogs) gave advice to an anon asking about how to deal with a psychiatrist insisting that she isn’t asexual. And, related, in response to Smrf’s post about dealing with acephobia from therapists, there was a long discussion on tumblr.

Swankivy also wrote about young aces coming out to their parents. Here’s a good quote:

Similarly, if a young person is telling you about their sexuality and your response is to say they’re not only wrong but silly to believe such things and hopelessly naive besides, you have chosen a reaction that has absolutely no constructive application in that young person’s life. Do you really think a young person is going to hear what you’re saying and concede with a sigh, “You’re right, Mom. I’m just a teenager. I’m sure I’ll grow up and see that you knew best all along.” Come on. If you’re so logical and mature, you need to realize how a teen will feel about your words and then shut the hell up.

Queerascat put together a great list of resources for asexual people of color.

Trauma and Abuse-Related Stuff

Siggy wrote about PTSD statistics.

Coyote wrote down a list of emotional abuse tactics.

Epochryphal wrote about spiritual abuse.

Miri wrote about how we can still deal with the worst thing that’s ever happened to us, even if we feel that other people have it worse. She also wrote about how CBT can sometimes turn into gaslighting or perpetuate abuse, as well as why you should care about violence against sex workers.

Olivia wrote about problems with Applied Behavioral Therapy and the way allistic people talk about autistics. [tw: non-consensual treatment]

Gadgette featured a post about why Facebook Memories needs to change. [tw: discussion of pet and parent death, miscarriages] The post discusses a workaround involving the date blocking feature, in case you are having trouble with FB showing you triggering images.

Huffington Post had some tips for fighting defamatory and stigmatizing comments online.

Umair Haique wrote about how Twitter is dying, saying that “the problem of abuse is the greatest challenge the web faces today.”


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