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Responsible Sharing: When to Avoid Linking a Survivor’s Story

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It's important not to speak over survivors. Sometimes people speak of "protecting" ace survivors but then don't listen to what we actually have to say. We are the experts, and we have been the ones to create nearly all resources currently available for other survivors. If you want to help us, then it is a good idea to link to things we've already written. But sharing links to our posts can also be inappropriate or dangerous, exposing us only to further harm. It's important to take care with what you share and where you share it. If you can remember these three rules, you should be able to figure out whether linking to a post made by a survivor is appropriate—and if not, please just ask permission!

Privacy concerns about Windows 10

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If you are considering installing Windows 10, you may want to read this first, and wait. Windows 10's default settings collect more data about you than you may be comfortable with. Users are given the option to opt out of most of the data collection, but critics say that that [...]