Components of Resilience: Creativity & Adaptability

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This is part four of a series of posts dedicated to breaking down components of resilience. The series is an elaboration on a post I made in 2015, continued now as part of the June 2016 Carnival of Aces on Resiliency. In part one of this series, I covered tenacity. In part [...]

Friday Question: Revenge Fantasies

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Do you ever have revenge fantasies or intrusive violent thoughts? How do you deal with them? - Have you ever tried processing through art, writing, music, or something else? Is there a particular form of processing that works best for you? - If you do discharge your fantasies through art or writing, it's often recommended that you then destroy the art or writing—destroying the evidence or a representation of your abuser can be even more cathartic than creating it. What method of destruction feels most cathartic for you? (For example, you might burn a letter, cut up a collage, or flush a drawing of your abuser down the toilet—I've even heard a story of a kid gleefully going #2 before flushing!)